Job search in the time of COVID-19

In this COVID situation, all the industries are facing problems. In this context, it has been said by many of the employees working in different industries that different companies are laying off their current employees. From this, most of the potential candidates are thinking that this COVID situation is not a very good phase for searching for a new job.

Current Situation:
However, the actual situation is a bit different. According to the different marketers, due to this pandemic, there are many opportunities arising in front of the candidates. All they have to do is to project themselves for their respective job in a proper way. There are different online platforms that are providing information to candidates about different openings.(
The Center for Monitoring of Indian Economy says that the rate of unemployment has increased by 23 percent. However. on the other hand different e-commerce giants like Amazon, Myntra are hiring many candidates as their business in the lockdown in booming.
According to the experts, there are different changes that happened in the lifestyle of the people due to the pandemic situation. In this context, people are getting habituated to maintain the new normal. Regarding this many new businesses, ideas are developing, which is eventually helping to form the different startups. With the development of startups, there is a need for new recruitment in the market.

Importance of Resume:
However, in this changed situation position, the CV or resume in a proper format is important. This will help the candidate to showcase his or her actual skill sets. Apart from that, there will be a need for recruitment in the automation industry. On the other hand, there is a huge need for data scientists. In this situation, it can be said that the candidates may not get ample opportunities as the post COVID situation. However, there are sufficient job openings for the candidate. It can be said that it would be better for the candidates if they project their skillsets properly through the resume and present themselves in such a way that will prove their significance in the respective job position.

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