Hunting for a job? These 5 websites in India can help you find it!!!

Getting a job in your desired field is like a blessing in India because not many people can get a job in the field they want so they grab on to the first opportunity they come across.

Here are some websites which might help you to get a job.


Indeed is easy to use and their tracking/analytic data has improved over the years. You can make your profile and apply for jobs with a resume. Indeed allows you to be very specific about your minimum criteria for the position. It then gives you a breakdown of how each candidate matches against the criteria, which can save your time while applying for jobs. Indeed also allows specifying the amount you will be paid each month or at the end, if the job is requiring people of a specific location or if the experience is required.

Cons – Jobs in Indeed mostly require professionals with minimum 1-year experience and it becomes somehow difficult for the freshers to get job opportunities among many people having job experience.


Linkedin is #1 site to find jobs. It shows you job matching your qualifications and skills. It is a social network of 250 million professionals and you can connect to recruiters. It is different from other job searching websites because they have one-way communication i.e. you can apply for the job and that’s it no further communication can be made from your side and in Linkedin you can have two-way communication. Linkedin can be used to find remote jobs, internships or work from home jobs too.

Linkedin is a way to showcase your abilities and skills so keep your profile updated and also be active on Linkedin to get better jobs.
Don’t restrict yourself by connecting to only known, expand your range connect to more professionals and don’t hesitate to ask for help if required, Linkedin people are always ready to help you if in need.

It is the top Indian job search engine, founded in March 1997. It publishes a monthly report called Naukri JobSpeak. It provides inclusive job searches and surplus job opportunities. Clean interface provides excellent results across all categories. You can update your CV with a click and block unwanted recruiters.

Cons – At First when you join and upload your CV you will get many spam calls which might ask you to pay if you want to get jobs but beware as they will take the money and then their number will become unavailable after. Most of the spam calls will appear to be professional but don’t forget to ask about the company of search about the company before paying any money as it has become common for people getting spam calls from So it’s on you to play safe while paying any recruiters any money.


In this site, you can upload your CV, find out about the company you are applying for from their current and ex-employees. It is a genuine site which can make you aware if you are applying for any fraud company. It has many job listing according to your skills and it is the largest recruiting website for IT and marketing companies. As the #2 job site in the U.S. Glassdoor helps 45 million people every month to find a job across all industries and at every level, from intern to executive. A recent survey revealed that 93% of job seekers and employees today want to be informed about all aspects of a company prior to accepting a job.

Reviews are also not as good when you are dealing with smaller companies. It is not hard for the management to find out who wrote that review [if you have only 2 Product Managers, it is not rocket science to zero-in on the person who gave that one-star review] and thus you will find over-inflated reviews for startups.


Monster is also like Indeed, you can post your resume and showcase your skills and achievement to get calls, you can apply for the jobs that match your skills and will get an email if the recruiters want you.

Cons- It was launched in 1994 but now indeed has taken a lead as compared to Monster in providing jobs. Indeed has become Monster, like Google was to Yahoo, better user experience and easy to use made Indeed more liked site for job seekers. Monster has many companies enlisted but you would not get many calls as you apply for in Monster but it should not stop you from getting that one call that might change your status from seeker to recruiter.

While searching for the job you should post your resume in all the websites you may get a job in any company but you should also be careful about the spam calls. Complete the assignment that you take if you are applying for an internship and update your resume from time to time. Be active when searching for jobs and you may land the job of your dreams.

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