Work from home in 2020

With the level-4 COVID19 lock down many of us are used to the “New normal” of our work culture. This “New normal” is Work Form Home (WFH). With the Indian government relaxing terms and conditions to facilitate work from home (WFH), it will be one of the lasting takeaways from the global business lock-down.

COVID19 has led severe disruptions in businesses across various sectors. Industries like hospitality, retail, travel have come to a grinding halt. And in response to this crisis businesses have switched literally overnight to the new way of work “Work from Home”. Lock down forced employees to adopt remote work model to maintain social distancing. Collaboration tools such as Webx, Microsoft Teams and Skype became the connection links for discussions and meetings.

During and after this pandemic this model will be in trend. So, from now every one must be ready to WFH as it is the new trend of business world. According to NASSCOM figures 90% of IT employees and 70-80% of BPO and small and medium businesses in the sector currently working from home.

So, for new comers this is an opportunity to work from home. Follow tips to work from home successfully during lockdown. Apply in companies giving WFH and earn in this lock down. Learn new skills at home add it to your resume and apply. Sounds easy right? Well for WFH resume is very important as you are not meeting face-to-face. Your resume is the only thing which is your face.

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