Why Professionals and Consultant needs a profile instead of resume?

The consultant provides advice to companies to solve problems, create value, improve growth, and maximize business efficiency and profitability. Connect management and support staff to help employees understand how their job performance affects the company’s operations.

Employers can search for the profiles they want, such as financial managers and so on. A professional online profile is like a 24/7 digital billboard used for passive career networking. You put your skills, education, experience, and if the employers will find your profile matching they will recruit you. The fundamental expertise past any capability is the frame of mind. There is an extensive component of offers and client benefits in recruitment so past involvement in a business domain would likewise be useful.

The crucial requirement for a consultant is relentlessness and being admirable for the employee applying for the job. Listening abilities and dynamic thinking are also influential as the narrow difference between the job might make a person to take a job or to decline the offer.

The companies need professionals to handle the recruitment process and the job is designed accordingly. Profile contains your previous experience, your skills, your education, your career benefits in detail, which may not be included in your resume.

The company searches for certain keywords when posting a job and if they are included in your profile you will get selected. So if the chances of getting a job using a profile are more then it should get more importance. Shouldn’t it? But a large number of people wanting to get in this field don’t pay attention to this small detail and this cost them to lose the job which may recruit by reviewing your profile only.

They need to identify the candidates according to the job requirement and to filter out the candidates the job description is designed. Linkedin is a platform that connects professionals around the world and make them stronger. According to the survey linked is the #1 job recruiting site.

Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used Linked in to inform their career decision.
Placements sourced through Linkedin are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.
Linkedin influenced placements are 2x more likely to be high demand and above-average hires.
Top recruiters are 60% more engaged with Linked recruiting tools vs average recruiters.

As the world is becoming more and more connected because of social media, recruiters are showing interest in reviewing profiles of candidates before selection and in that way having an impressive profile can help you land a job easily. Having a great profile is not only important for job searching but also if you want to recruit candidates for the team as going through thousands of resumes having no photos of required skills can be tiresome. Companies can post a job, show their employees, and recruit talented candidates for the post, it helps to reach to people who wants to do the job and have the talent for it too.

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