How recruitment process has changed in India

What is recruitment? What is recruitment process? Why are we discussing it in 2020? Currently, we should talk about the effects of the corona pandemic, shouldn’t we?

But what about the situations after this pandemic? This question has many answers but for employees, new job seekers, freshers this question has only one answer. For them, a job is the main issue after this pandemic as many people are losing their jobs in this lock-down.

The current trend is of “Work from Home” jobs, and we all agree about this. Due to technological advancement and the increasing influence of social media, modern workplace culture and recruitment process has evolved. And there are high chances that these two factors would grow stronger in 2020. Another trend to look forward is social media hiring. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., are excellent platforms to gather information about candidates, and recruiters have used these to do the same in past. Another factor is candidates with multiple skills will be preferred because in life the only constant thing is “Change”. And this is what scenes will be in later 2020 and even after that. So,while you are looking for a job, you should also go for courses of training and for skill enhancement.

But why are we focusing on this? The answer is for employees- to get the preferred job and for employers- to get the right candidate for post.

Now, we will discuss what role a resume plays in these changing trends of recruitment?

Whether you are applying for work from home or for an in-office job, a resume is the first thing with whom recruiters will engage and after that face-to-face meetings will happen right?.  Only 2% of resumes pass the first round. So, for this, your resume should look like “You”. That means your resume should reflect every single detail like your education, experience, skills, hobbies, personality, social media profile, contact details, achievements, etc. So that you perform best in your first step. Pick a resume template that represents your skills and work experience the best. And be in the top 2% among applicants.

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