Read this before applying to job openings to get a call back!

How many job listings have you applied to that actually resulted in an interview call? How many recruiters have you contacted on LinkedIn and asked them to view your profile and got no response? Ever wondered why HR managers take time or why you don’t get a call back?

Before we answer the above questions, lets realise that for each job vacancy, there are an average of 500 applicants. With so many resumes at hand, HRs spend less than a minute to go through a resume and decide whether to go ahead with the candidate or not.

A report from Deloitte Human Capital Trends finds that HR departments are being tasked to redesign and automate everything they do to change the way organizations hire and manage human resource of the company.

The answers to the questions asked at the beginning are twofold:
1) the number of applicants per job opening is so high that HR managers spend negligible time to go through a resume. In this extremely short span, your resume should have something that attracts the recruiters eyes.
One of the best way to do this is to include a summary in your resume. An ideal summary is about one paragraph and narrates your work experience, skills and should give a clear idea of why you are a good fit for the role.

2)The process is automated. That is, the machine that screens your resume matches keyword in the job description of the posting with key words in a resume. If keywords match, the resume gets shortlisted. One way to do this is to make your resume ATS (applicant tracking system) enabled. There are many ways to make your resume ATS enabled. The tried and tested method is to mirror the language of the job listing in your resume in an organic way.

There are other ways to ensure your resume gets shortlisted, like using a professional resume format or a functional resume format.

Create resume offers you templates which are ATS enabled as well as is professional and yet creative. Checkout these templates here and be interview ready.

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