Importance of proper resume in the changed recruitment process for COVID situation

Due to the COVID outbreak different sectors are accepting the new normal like Work from Home. Like this, the Human Resource segment is following the new normal in this pandemic situation. The hiring process has changed. Most of the things are going virtual as well as the recruitment process. However, a research study conducted by Degroote School of Business at McMaster University in Ontario has shown that organizations like to take the face to face interview for the candidates. The face to face interview process enhances the transparency of the whole process. However, in this pandemic situation, most of the recruiters are going for online recruitment.

In this situation, it will be a challenge for the candidates to sound more authentic and convincing while giving interviews through online mode. An organic resume can help the candidates to overcome this challenge. The organic resume will reflect the actual skill sets of the candidates. As well as from the resume the recruiters will get to know the level of the knowledge of the candidate for a respective skill. Based on that, they can ask questions to the candidates. On the other hand, the candidates can answer the questions based on their actual knowledge. In this way, the candidates can present their skill sets and knowledge effectively.

Apart from mentioning the COVID situation, it has been seen that many reputed companies are going for an online interview as this process has several advantages. Conduction of interviews online is less expensive. Apart from that better scheduling can be done in this process. Having an organic resume will be helpful for the candidates as they can be confident that they can talk about any points mentioned in their resume. Apart from that, there is a time constraint for the online interview. In this case, the candidate has to present his or her through precisely within a particular time. An organic resume will help the candidate to achieve this point.

Another concerning thing for the candidates is getting the right job. Job satisfaction is as important as the salary in the job. It has been seen that higher job satisfaction prevents the lowe level of engagement in the work. It is natural for the recruiters that they will search the candidate who is the best fit for the job so that, the company can be benefitted as well as the candidate can get a higher level of job satisfaction. In that case, an organic resume will help the candidate to identify the right requirements for a job and apply it respectively. On the other hand, there is a shortage of jobs in this situation. Applying for the right job will help to increase the chance of getting a job for the candidate in the period of recession.

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