Does entry level jobs require an extensive resume?

Yes, entry-level or junior-level jobs require a resume as it goes to the interview desk before the person. The resume should make the person stand out of the rest. As people say First Impression is the last impression the same goes with the resume which leaves your first impression even before your interview. It should contain all the relevant skillset required for the job and show your strongest skills and biggest achievements.

The unemployment rate in our country is increasing day by day. According to a survey for a regular job the employer receives at least 250 resumes in which 4 to 6 people are called for an interview in which only 1 person is selected. In this competitive environment, a well organized professional resume may land the job in your hand.

What Fresher should put in Resume?

Resume writing with no experience can be troublesome and demands a lot of efforts, your resume should be catchy, you should highlight your achievement your certificates of the required job. Only 2% of the resumes are selected in the first screening so to be on the top 2% the person needs to have an excellent presence and the resume should deliver that you are interested in doing that work. College campus recruitment takes a proper look at the fresher resume before selecting them. Their grades and co-curricular activities should be mentioned at the top of the resume below the about section so that it doesn’t take the employer hard to read them.

91% of the hiring personal requires their employee to have work experience and 64% to have relevant work experience, the objective is to grab the attention of the hiring manager. In the hiring process the most important also the ignored part is the cover letter, generally, the job seeker doesn’t write a cover letter before applying for the job. The cover letter should contain 3-4 lines showing your resume summary not the repeated version of your resume.

For freshers, the resume should contain the details of the internship, workshop, webinars, certificates, licenses, software known, computer languages known, apprenticeships. The hobbies should also be mentioned in the resume as sometimes the company need creative workers to take care of new projects it may come in handy having hobbies mentioned for the same. Even if the internship did was paid or unpaid the experience gained is what will help in the future. But it should not contain any left out education details like drop out from college or any irrelevant job details or any unusual hobbies.

Job search sites like or monster India need a proper resume for the profile to be completed. The persons having a better resume format may get a chance to get more jobs compared to the person having the same skillset but not a proper resume. You should highlight your contact details in the header, your location details so that the jobs in your area can be identified by the website.

These little things make a great resume, obviously, employers want the best for their company and you have to prove that you are the best that they are looking for to get that job. Old format resume may work at some places having less competition but for a better post the resume format, template, points mentioned, order plays a big part. In big software companies like google almost receives 2 million resumes per day for them to identify the best out of rest requires you to be excellent in your field and to have different resumes then the rest.

You can choose a template and design your own resume but for some people having no experience in designing this may take a lot of work or it may not even properly explain the points they have in regarding field. For this problem, students can make an online resume using create a resume. We provide the best in the market as it has an online resume in HTML format, validity is lifelong and it can be edited by a call. It makes a great difference if you have an online resume, as you can post them in all your social media handles, for the job personnel to see and it makes you stand out from the rest.

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