How to make an organic resume?

Resumes play a very vital role in the life of job seekers, in fact, a professional resume is the first key to unlock the door of our dream job. That is why while making our resume we need to be careful about all the things that need to be included in it.

“No one creates a perfect resume on their first try. Writing a perfect resume is a messy process, but the easiest way to start is by simply getting in the right mindset and putting pen to paper.”

Matthew T. Cross

So, let us start the journey towards our dream job by making an organic resume.

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Which is the first thing that comes to our mind while writing a resume? Well, this “First thing” differs from person to person as we all are different in all ways, then how can our resumes be the same? For this, we will see the following points.

First of all, think about the job you want to do.

Keep in mind your qualifications, skills, abilities which would be needed for this post and think do you have those qualifications or skills or abilities? If not then you are not made for this post. In resume as well you have to do the same, write only those things which are suitable for the post and you possess those things.

Here are some sections which are generally required in professional resumes.

  • Objective (optional)

The resume objective shows professional goals and targets. It consists of your field, your goals, and the reason why are you the most suitable for the post you have applied for.  The objective is optional but advised to write as it catches attention.

  • Experience

If you have any experience like a job, internships, etc., then it will be included in this section. If you are fresher than this section will be excluded and instead of this you can add your projects, live-projects, workshops attended, volunteering activities, extra-curricular activities.

  • Education qualification

This section includes your 10th, 12th, graduation degree, and/or master’s degree details. It should be in reverse chronological order which means your highest/recent qualification should be first in order.

  • Achievements

It will include the awards and achievements you have earned. Include your certificates, targets achieved, trophies, etc. of curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • Skills and Abilities

This section includes your technical skills (example: HTML, Python, JavaScript) and non-technical skills (example: Leadership skills, teamwork, Time management). Add only relevant skills that you have.

  • Other details

At last, include one section containing your personal information like languages known, interest or hobbies, your contact details like phone number, email address, home address.

All the above-mentioned sections are basic and necessary. Apart from this you can also include or exclude other sections if you have. You can also include your photograph if you want. Be precise and true while writing a professional resume.

Pro tip-

Don’t copy anyone’s resume, it is worthless.

Make it attractive yet simple. Remember that no one will read your resume for more than 20 seconds so, include only necessary things.

Proofread your resume 2-3 times by you and others as well.

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