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Pick a resume template below that represents your skills and work experience the best. Our ATS-friendly resume templates are developed together with recruiters and employers.

Resume Templates

Getting a good job requires a good resume, but getting started can be the hardest part. We’ve all been there … staring at a blank page and feeling frustrated. Choose the most relevant resume and we will create it on your behalf.

Functional Resume

Resume which talks about your Functional Excellence, increase chance to get relevant job.

Modern Resume

Modern resumes are a blend of contemporary style, optimal text placement, and readability for both humans and the ATS.

Simple Resume

Our simple and basic resume templates are proven to help job seekers find jobs

Creative Resume

Creative Resume Templates. Get an eye-popping resume that'll help you stand out.

Professional Resume

Professional Resume Templates. The resume templates below are designed for job seekers looking for a professional aesthetic. Not what you're looking for?

Executive Resume

A resume introduction will be similar to a persuasive elevator pitch to hiring managers. Achievements must be highlighted in the first part of your resume.

Functional Resume

A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. It is typically used by job seekers who are changing careers, who have gaps in their employment history, or whose work history is not directly related to the job.

  • You may be overqualified for the job you are applying for.
  • You are changing careers.
  • You are a new graduate, and you have no experience in the field you want to work in.
  • You are leaving one domain and are applying for a job with a different domain.

A functional resume highlights your skills and abilities. Instead of organising your information in a chronological order, your skills and achievements are organised into categories. You usually put your work history at the bottom of your resume.

Creative Resume

Here, you’ll find creative resume templates that range from relatively simple to very artistic. Consider your desired job and choose the template that best fits. We’ve organized our resume library by the design or what field they’re suited for, but most of them work well for a variety of creative industries.

Mix of object photos, including pencil, cellphone and doodles, make a creative sample. Olive-green section divider lines and arrow bullet points for descriptions. Social media expert, writer, communicator or technical sales resume template.

Eye-catching skyscraper icon for the engineer, planner or contractor. Soft-gray header backgrounds and light-blue fonts and arrows add to the sophisticated, city-feel of this print-ready resume template.

Professional Resume

A resume summary functions as a professional highlight reel, efficiently showcasing your greatest job-relevant skills and career accomplishments for the hiring manager. Learn how to write your own resume summary statement with our examples and tips..

  • The sales pitch that concisely explains why you’re the most qualified person for the job.
  • Summarizes the candidate’s key selling points.
  • Resume summary shows the candidate’s overall achievements.

You should use a resume summary if you already have experience in your industry. The more abilities you showcase, the more persuasive your summary will be.

Executive Resume

If you want to land an executive position, you need an executive resume written from a recruiter’s perspective who understands ATS systems and how hiring happens in order to stand out and accurately promote your strengths.

Your executive resume’s job is to land the interview. Having an eye-catching, visually-captivating layout makes a powerful first impression with the hiring manager. The highest level recruiters, CEOs, CFOs, and board members will call you for the interview when this is done properly.

  • Keep your resume focused on executive and managerial achievements
  • Achievements and activities like, creating new business opportunities, increasing ROI, business management, and sales generation.
  • Leadership snapshot gives a quick idea of leadership strengths


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